6 COMMON Mistakes Of Men When Using Handbags

The importance of owning a men’s handbag is the ability to be flexible, convenient in situations and hold essential items such as laptops, wallets … without sacrificing your style and appearance. Simple as that, but up to 90% of men today make basic mistakes when using high-end handbags. Let’s go through these 6 variable errors with Leonardo and come up with a suitable fix in the following article!

những sai lầm của nam giới khi mang túi xách

1/ The wrong combination of bags and outfits

những sai lầm của nam giới khi mang túi xách

Similar to clothing, men’s leather handbags also have the right place and time to use. Choosing  men’s handbags to work must ensure that their appearance looks professional and matches well-organized and elegant outfits. On the other hand, travel or coffee bags, looks and accents are the points that need more attention, as this is the time when you show your own personality.

2/ Ignore the importance of color

Choosing the color of men’s handbags depends largely on the preferences of each individual. But this is a decisive factor for your professionalism in the work environment and your own fashion in the entertainment environment. If you choose a yellow or red leather men’s handbag for meetings with customers, soon, your first impression will drop a few points in their eyes. In addition, you also cannot bring a luxurious brown leather handbag in a set with ripped jeans shorts and a graphic t-shirt.

To avoid awkward situations and you are pursuing a minimalist style. Choose a bag with a basic look in dark brown, caramel brown and of course standard black. These are basic colors that can be applied in many situations. When going to work, you can choose a black bag, and on informal occasions, a brown bag will be safer.

3/ Using the bag is not suitable for the purpose

những sai lầm của nam giới khi mang túi xách

On a busy morning with traffic jams, you sit on a motorbike and just want to hurry to the company to catch the first meeting of the day, but your day will turn out to be bad when you carry a tote bag or a short strap bag. on the shoulder instead of a backpack that can be carried on the back. They will get in the way and distract you when you have to find a way to keep a men’s bag on your shoulder. So think about the utility of the product when attached to the intended use so that the bag can accompany you for the longest time.

If you are an office guy and often travel by motorbike or bus to work, choose a leather backpack with a spacious interior compartment that can hold a laptop and other personal items for more convenience. move. Besides, you are an active, personality guy with a hobby of exercising after work and owning a personal car, a men’s bag or a canvas bag is a great choice.

4/ Only buy bags according to aesthetics

Choosing a trending bag without knowing how to apply it in everyday situations is a common mistake made by boys today. Just seeing a bag appear in a video of a certain celebrity or a famous brand launching a new product, you immediately buy it without thinking about whether you use it much or not.

những phổ biến sai lầm của nam giới khi sử dụng túi xách

The point is, the interior design and intended use of a men’s bag is just as important as its appearance, so think about what you’ll be able to fit in that bag and where you’ll take it. before ordering just for the sake of classy looks or trendy looks.

5/ Choose poor quality leather

You don’t necessarily have to own a high-end Gucci or Prada leather handbag, but you definitely have to invest in a bag with good and durable materials. If your budget is limited, then you can choose a cheap bag sold at the market. However, they are cheap for a reason because the material is bad, easily torn or cracked, the life cycle is short, after only a few months of use, you will have to replace the new one. Thus, the whole year you also lose a decent amount for a few men’s handbags, their price combined is close to a high-end men’s leather handbag but the appearance is normal.

túi xách nam giới

Buying yourself a luxury leather bag should not be seen as a long-term investment as they last for many years. So it can be said that the cost of a men’s leather handbag is not expensive compared to their durability.

6/ Not regularly cleaning and storing properly

những sai lầm của nam giới khi mang túi xách

Any bag, whether high-end or affordable, must be cleaned regularly and properly maintained if it is to maintain its durability over the years. For leather products, you should gently wipe them with a dry towel or a specialized cleaning solution to minimize fraying and flaking. At the same time, you need to take out all the items in the bag after use and put them in the appropriate position to keep the best shape. In addition to materials such as canvas, nylon … you also clean them by washing them with a dedicated laundry detergent once a week if used regularly.

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