Whether it started as a product line designed for low-level workers or athletes, now sneakers have become an indispensable part of fashion trends. Today, men’s sneakers are not only popular on the streets but also on the red carpet – where it is considered a measure of the fashion level of celebrities. So how to keep men from getting lost when wearing sneakers in everyday situations, today’s article Leonardo will guide you to do that.

The basic rules of sneakers

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Regardless of whether you pursue the design or form of any sneaker brand, here are some basic principles to follow for more flexible application:

  • Buy sneakers that match your current wardrobe: there’s no point in finding a pair of trendy shoes that won’t match any outfit you already have. Don’t try to follow the trend, but instead choose a pair of men’s sneaker shoes that can “match” with every set of clothes you have collected.
  • Wear sneakers for the right occasion: it might be right to say that sneakers go with any outfit, especially white sneakers. But that doesn’t mean you make it trivial by carrying too much. In important meetings, luxurious parties or weddings, let leather shoes do the work.
  • Always keep men’s sneakers clean: it doesn’t matter how beautiful your shoes are, as long as they get dirty and smelly, it loses points at first sight. So please maintain your sports shoes regularly by cleaning and disinfecting them.

Guide to choosing the right sneakers for men

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Today, sports shoes are very diverse in design and size. From basic canvas to premium suede, from minimalist designs to metallic appliques and high tech. With the choices available, it can be difficult to choose a product that is stylish and matches your wardrobe. But don’t worry, the following Leonardo will give you some of the most appropriate suggestions.

  • Basic sneakers: Vans and Converse are two that are so familiar in Vietnam thanks to their high applicability, which can be worn to go out, to school or to work in a dynamic environment. The advantage of these men’s sneakers is that they are easy to coordinate, simple to clean and affordable.
  • Luxury sports shoes: quite expensive from brands like Tom Ford, Lanvin & Saint Laurent. They are usually made from high-quality suede and soft soles, very comfortable to wear. However, men’s sneakers in this segment are quite picky about the situation to wear.
  • Classic sports shoes: Nike Air Max, Reebok Pump, Asics Gel-Lyte… are names that are too familiar to the liberal and sports-loving guys. But they don’t just appear in the gym or the stadium, products from these brands can be versatile in men’s casual casual sets.
  • Modern sneakers: once again, the Nike, Adidas and Puma-Tier brands are mentioned, but this belongs to their other sneaker segment with a modern look and design. As a rule, modern sneakers are harder to put on than classic ones, so choose carefully before bringing a pair home.
  • Sports shoes for climbing, sports: as the name suggests, these shoes are designed specifically for high-tech activities, so think of Salomon, La Sportiva or Keen when the need arises guys. male.

How to coordinate beautiful sneakers in any case

After choosing the right sneaker, it’s time to start pairing them with the available outfits in your wardrobe.

1/ How to wear basic sneakers

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Basic sneakers are the most versatile that every guy owns as they can be matched with jeans, chinos or shorts. In particular, with white sneakers, they are also suitable for all colors and accompanying accessories such as backpacks, sunglasses…

However, basic sneakers in cases where professionalism and courtesy are needed are not a good choice. The best way is that you should only combine them with gingham shirts, t-shirts… go to coffee, study at school… instead of bringing them to parties or meeting customers.

In short, you just need to grasp these few notes, sneakers will no longer make you confused when combining:

  • Mix with denim pants and thin chinos.
  • Should only be worn in basic or street situations.
  • Always keep your shoes clean.
  • Suitable for young men or men who pursue youthful style.

2/ How to wear luxury sneakers

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There will be nothing more wonderful when you own a pair of sports shoes with a more luxurious design. These shoes allow men to switch from casual to smart casual without making them feel out of place. Luxury sneakers can be combined with trousers, jeans, chinos and in some cases they can be combined with irregular casual outfits. Plus, basic t-shirts, shirts, and polo are all great options. For a more distinct look, opt for a shirt with a slim or knit tie, a fleece jacket, and some skinny denim. Also, avoid wearing chic sneakers with shorts, as these are often quite bulky compared to basic canvas sneakers.

3/ How to wear classic sneakers

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Appeared in 1995, this time the classic sneaker is considered a big hit for street fashion in the world thanks to its diverse and attractive colors. A pair of fitted jeans, a plain or graphic t-shirt and a basic jacket are essentials to stand out in this classic shoe. You can change your taste in summer with short chinos to match the trend better.

4/ How to wear modern sneakers

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If not careful, modern sneakers can make you “ridiculous” in the eyes of the opposite person, so choose carefully. In terms of wearing style, they are quite similar to the combination of classic shoes but expand to include gym and sports sets. Stay away from baggy jeans and instead wear slim Nudie chinos to match these shoes. Ideally, it is still advisable to combine modern sneakers with basic sportswear and t-shirt sets.

5/ How to wear designer sneakers

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A popular way to wear these sneakers is to pair them with stylish skinny jeans and an open plaid t-shirt or shirt. There’s also the Parisian look, with a combination of coats and long singlet coats with pleats adding to the chic look. Black denim is a must-have as are long, fitted t-shirts.

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